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Leak detection

For over 35 years, Prince Kunststof Infra has developed, produced, and delivered joints for gas and water.

Pipeline networks can provide interesting challenges:

  • Gas explosion due to a leak in gas pipe works. Can that be prevented?
  • A growing number of network owners and suppliers are making the switch from gas to hydrogen. The debate regarding hydrogen is in full swing. Government and energy suppliers must provide concrete plans. How will safety be guaranteed?

Because of the new developments in the market, we must produce more innovative products. Therefore, Prince and Delmeco want to join forces with their partners and educational institutions, in order to provide new solutions that prevent leakages and to monitor gas pipework. One of those innovations is leak detection between pipe connectors.

Why leak detection?
Leak detection increases the safety of people and environment. Ensuring safety in combination with monitoring the condition of the pipeworks has been an ongoing effort. Leak detection sensors are a perfect tool that monitor the functionality of a system and when action is needed to prevent or reduce the consequences of a leak.