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“Burying my nose in the books is not for me, I’d rather use my hands”

– BBL’er Yanieck

Does working in engineering sound like your cup of tea, but don’t like the idea of spending all day at school? Then a BBL training program is really for you. At Prince, you work four days a week and go to school one day.

Prince makes plastic connectors for gas, water and sewer pressure lines and biogas plants. That this has to be good goes without saying. Even a small mistake in the production process can lead to a gas leak or contamination of our drinking water.

At Prince you can start straight away. We offer you a fun yet challenging work experience, excellent training, and a competitive salary. On top of all that, we also pay for your schooling. And the future? You’ll probably enjoy working here so much that you never want to leave.

Yanieck Spek is a BBL student and has been working at Prince in the machining department since 2017. He is happy to tell you himself why he likes it so much with us.

Like Yanieck, would you like to start at Prince as a BBL’er? Then email today and tell us why you want to work with us!