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Push Fitt MMS


This ingenious insertion system had excellent product properties, for example, useful lines to demark the pipe. The full end load resistant joints always have the right insertion depth, which results in easy installation. Click and done!

Push Fit

Trekvaste verbinding voor PVC- en HDPE-leidingen

Push Fit [DE]

Zugfeste Verbindungen für PVC und HDPE Rohre

282006363PPF MMSPPF MMS  63 x  63 x 63 TV PVC63 TVPVC x 63 spie x 63 TV PVC
282009063PPF MMSPPF MMS  90 x  63 x 90 TV PVC90 TVPVC x 63 spie x 90 TV PVC
282011063PPF MMSPPF MMS 110 x 63 x110 TV PVC110 TVPVC x 63 spie x110 TV PVC
2820160110PPF MMSPPF MMS 160 x110 x 160 TV PVC160 TVPVC x110 spie x 160 TV PVC
282016063PPF MMSPPF MMS 160 x 63 x 160 TV PVC160 TVPVC x 63 spie x 160 TV PVC
282200063PPF MMSPPF MMS 200 x  63 x 200 TV PVC200 TVPVC x 63spie x 200 TVPVC

All our products are certified according to the applicable quality standard. All our water fittings are covered by our unique Prince system certificate.
We are the only one in the Netherlands to be fully Kiwa certified.