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Renovation water mains Germany

This year, Prince delivered several materials to ISIFLO for the renovation of watermains of a water company in Seelow, Germany.

The water company pumps water out of several deep wells and transports this, via water mains to the filtration system. Every year about 850.000M3 water is treated for daily use by 16.700 users.

The water treatment plant was built in 1979 and uses gravel filters, in the 90s major renovation works took place. Unfortunately, leaks appeared in the stainless steel and another renovation was required. The “wassermeister” knew our Prince system and contact us via ISIFLO.

Due to the size and nature of this project and knowing that delivery of drinking water cannot be disrupted, the project was split into six construction units. At this moment, four of the units have replaced the old parts for new thermoplastics from Prince. Two units are being planned, and it is expected that the entire project is completed by the summer.