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Eliminates support and emergency water mains.

The RenoJoint® is a thermoplastic valve joint that is assembled onto new PVC or PE waterpipes. Using the barrier plate, the pipe can be opened and closed very easily. This means that the need for emergency waterpipes is eliminated.

Are the water mains in need of renovation or replacement? Using RenoJoint® from Prince Kunststof Infra there is no need for additional groundworks or inconvenience.

Quick, simple, and cost-efficient

Using the RenoJoint®, you replace the water mains in stages, giving you optimum productivity. Because of the efficient procedure, you save on your total project budget: less groundworks, fewer man hours. You will also save on materials. Using the RenoJoint® you invest in an efficient, high-quality solution that is also cheaper.

Support and emergency mains no longer needed

The RenoJoint is assembled directly onto the water mains. This eliminates the need of connecting and disconnecting temporary support and emergency mains. When used in combination with a barrier plate, the joint can be opened and closed very easily by use of the jack. The advantages of this new jack are easy to operate and the RenoJoint® can be opened and closed slowly without much effort. The jack can be used on RenoJoints with a diameter of 63, 75, 90, 110, 125 and 160 mm.

Reduces the inconvenience for the surroundings

Of course, it’s not entirely preventable that domestic users are cut off from their water supply, even temporarily. However, due to the efficient RenoJoint, this would only be for a small amount of time. Also, you will reduce the groundworks cost and effort, as you don’t need to dig for emergency mains. Hierdoor ligt de straat niet onnodig lang opgebroken.

For now and later

Another benefit: although the full end load resistant joint is removable, the RenoJoint in principle is attached permanently. It allows for future maintenance work to be executed quickly and efficiently.

For PVC or PE mains

The RenoJoint can be used on PVC or PE water mains with a diameter of 63, 75, 90, 110, 125, and 160mm, all PN10. The RenoJoint is Kiwa certified, convenant number K10283/01.