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Push Fit

Universal full end load resistant joints for PVC and HDPE pipeworks

This ingenious insertion system had excellent product properties, for example, useful lines to demark the pipe. The full end load resistant joints always have the right insertion depth, which results in easy installation. Click and done!

Insert the pipe and the job is done

No tooling

Ingenious insertion system

  • useful lines for marking the pipe
  • always the correct insertion depth
  • fast installation: click and done!

Excellent product properties

  • double seal, no leakages
  • everything butt welded confirming to NEN7200, 100% leakproof
  • usable at all temperatures and in all-weather circumstances
  • also for PVC to PE piping
  • Prince Push Fit is KIWA certified
  • suitable to 10 bar
  • suitable for all PE and PVC piping

Complete range

  • incremental to and from every diameter from 63mm to 200mm
  • Prince Push Fit is available in many models
  • With or without dust ring

Tested extensively

  • confirming the KIWA BRL K-17301 of PVC pipe
  • a 1000-hour test at 40C and internal water pressure of 16,4 bar.
  • a bending test with a pressure of 184.9 KG and internal water pressure of 25 bar

* Clamp wedge and internal seal patented by Prince

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